Dr. Boris StilmanChairman & CEO
Dr. Vladimir YakhnisVP & Chief Scientist
Dr. Tom AltmanChief Algorithms Architect
Oleg UmanskiyChief Software Architect
Ron BoydSenior Software Engineer
Slava PugachevSenior Software Engineer
Air Chief Marshal Sir 'Sandy' Wilson Representative for UK and Europe

Dr. Boris Stilman (Denver, Colorado - see his RESUME)
(Ph.D. in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, National Research Institute for Electrical Engineering, Moscow, 1984; M.S. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, 1972) is the company's Chairman & CEO and a Founder of STILMAN. Since 1991, Boris has been a Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD). Dr. Stilman is the originator of Linguistic Geometry (LG), a new type of game theory, which resulted from his research over the last 30 years. He is an internationally known scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He made fundamental contributions in the areas of higher-dimensional multi-agent concurrent games, game constructors, and software development environments. He has published several books and contributions to books, over 160 journal and conference papers. The first scholarly book on LG, "Linguistic Geometry: From Search to Construction", by Dr. Stilman was published in February of 2000. Boris has given numerous invited presentations and tutorials on LG all around the world and organized major national and international research meetings. Dr. Stilman has been a recipient of numerous research awards. In the 70s and 80s, he received substantial grants from the former USSR Academy of Sciences, Control Data Corp. (USA), Universities of Mannheim and Dortmund (West Germany). Dr. Stilman is a recipient of all the top research awards at UCD, the 1998 Researcher of the Year, the 1997 Chancellor's Lecturership Award, and the 1997 Research Fellowship Award. His research on LG was supported by substantial grants from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR, through Phillips Laboratory), Department of Energy (DOE, through Sandia National Laboratories), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) through Rockwell Science Center (RSC). His role as the world leader in LG was the key to getting US contracts for STILMAN from DARPA, Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Air Force, Army, Navy, Boeing, Rockwell, as well as international contracts from Ministry of Defence (UK), BAe SYSTEMS (UK) and Fujitsu (Japan). Dr. Stilman has led a number of national projects in the former Soviet Union, government-funded projects at UCD in the USA, and all the government and commercial projects developed by STILMAN.

Dr. Vladimir Yakhnis (Thousand Oaks, California)
(Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computer Science, Cornell University, 1990) is the Chief Scientist and a Founder of STILMAN. In the 90s, before joining STILMAN full time in 2002, Dr. Yakhnis has got substantial R&D experience at IBM, Sandia National Laboratories, and at Rockwell Science Center. He has 42 research publications. He contributed to foundations and applications of LG, gaming algorithms, formal methods for object-oriented software development, program correctness for concurrent and sequential programs, and validation of software requirements. Dr. Yakhnis is a recipient of research awards including grants and contracts from DOE, DARPA, MDA, Rockwell Collins, Boeing, and Fujitsu (Japan). In the past, on a number of projects, Dr. Yakhnis served as an industry and defense operations liaison to STILMAN. During the DARPA JFACC project, he served as a focal point for integration of software from three different vendors, Rockwell Science Center, BBN, and Interna, with STILMAN software. On Boeing/AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) projects he served as a major link between Subject Matter Experts, Boeing/AFRL Task Experts, and STILMAN software developers.

Dr. Tom Altman (Denver, Colorado)
(Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1984) is the Chief Algorithms Architect and a Founder of STILMAN. Since 1990, he has been Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. In addition, he has entrepreneurial and budgeting experience. Dr. Altman made contributions in LG, algorithms design, optimization and discrete simulation algorithms, and formal languages. He has substantial experience in applying optimization and simulation algorithms to real world problems. He has published 73 research papers. He is a recipient of a number of research awards including UCD Research Fellowship Award, American Society of Civil Engineers Award, grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and from Montgomery Watson. Tom was instrumental in obtaining R&D contracts from DARPA, MDA, Rockwell, Boeing, and Fujitsu (Japan). Dr. Altman served as Principle Investigator on a number of projects developed by STILMAN.

Mr. Oleg Umanskiy (Denver, Colorado)
(M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering, UCD, 2001) is the Chief Software Architect at STILMAN and leads our software team. In 1996-1998, Oleg worked at Maxtor and, later in 1998-2000, he ran the entire software development division for another company, STS, before committing to STILMAN full-time. He has been a recipient of a number of the top student awards at UCD. At STILMAN, Oleg has been the leading developer of LG-FRAMEWORK and comprehensive LG-PACKAGE. Oleg led the development of LG-JEC for DARPA (JFACC Intelligent Adviser for SEAD Missions), LG-EBO for Boeing/AFRL (Effects Based Operation "Thunder from Space"), multiple versions of LG-PROTECTOR for Boeing ("Defense against Cruise Missile Attack"), LG-TCT ("Air Attack with Prosecution of Time Critical Targets"), LG-AIR/LAND (Large Scale Joint Operation with Air and Land Components), LG-SHIELD (Global Ballistic Missile Defense integrated with Ground, Air and Space components). All these programs received accolades from STILMAN's customers as well as military/industry experts and scientists from around the world. Oleg has received a number of special recognition awards from the STILMAN management for his creative solutions and software quality.

Mr. Ron Boyd (Denver, Colorado)
(B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 1998, M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering, UCD, 2008). He is a Senior Software Engineer at STILMAN and leads the development of computer graphics interfaces. In 1998-2001, Ron worked at Evans & Sutherland on computer simulation software and, later in 2001-2002, he worked at Spatial Corp. on 3D software for CAD/CAM industry. Ron has been involved in the development of the advanced Game Development Kit (GDK), an interactive tool for the rapid construction of software applications of LG. Also, Ron led the development of 2D/3D graphical interfaces for the comprehensive generic LG-PACKAGE including GDK, GRT, GST and for the LG applications including LG-TCT, LG-AIR/LAND, LG-SHIELD. Various versions of GDK as well as graphical interfaces of STILMAN's applications were highly evaluated by the military experts and scientists from around the world. Ron has received special recognition from the STILMAN management for his creative solutions and software quality.

Mr. Slava Pugachev (Denver, Colorado)
(B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering, UCD, 2005). He is a Software Engineer at STILMAN. Slava has been involved in a number of complex tasks supporting upgrades of the comprehensive LG-PACKAGE and LG-FRAMEWORK. His work allowed STILMAN to introduce new features into LG-PACKAGE, and, this way, significantly improve its usability. His gratest achivement so far has been EMI (Estimation Mobile Interface), a customized GMI (Game Mobile Interface), which is currently a standard component of LG-PACKAGE. EMI is highly regarded by STILMAN's commercial, government and international customers.

Air Chief Marshal Sir 'Sandy' Wilson (United Kingdom)
Sir Sandy is a STILMAN's Representative for UK and Europe. He retired from the Royal Air Force in 1995 following a distinguished career in which he served twice as a Commander-in-Chief rising to the 4 star rank of Air Chief Marshal. He is the holder of the Air Force Cross and was knighted by The Queen in 1991. While his operational career was centered on the Fighter Reconnaissance role in Germany, during his career he flew as a pilot in many aircraft and helicopters gaining some 4,500 hrs in command. Amongst his command tours he served as the Air Commander in the Falklands after the 1982 war with Argentina and commanded all the British Forces in the Middle East in the lead-up to the 1991 Gulf War. He was also dual-hatted as the last Commander of NATO's Second Allied Tactical Air Force and Commander-in-Chief of RAF Germany at the end of the Cold War. Since retirement Sir Sandy has served as a Defence Consultant and has acted as the United Kingdom and European Agent for STILMAN since January 2002.