I received my M.S. degree in Mathematics in 1972 from Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR, and my two Ph.D.s, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, from the National Research Institute for Electrical Engineering, Moscow, in 1984.

Currently, I am a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, USA. I joined this school in 1991 as a tenure-track Associate Professor and was promoted to the rank of Full Professor with tenure in 1994. I spent a year (1990-91) as a Visiting Professor at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

My previous position of Chief of Department (1988-90) was with the Computer Division of the National Research Geological Institute for Oil Development, Moscow. Prior to joining that Institute, for sixteen years I was with the National Research Institute for Electrical Engineering, Moscow. I have published over 170 papers on Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, and have written and contributed to the books published in the former USSR, USA, and Germany.